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Darley Interviews the French Ambassador LIVE

Darley Interviewed the French Ambassador LIVE from his historic DC residence

PBS “Travels with Darley” TV host Darley Newman was recently invited by the Embassy of France to interview the Ambassador of France to the United States Philippe Etienne for a live stream conversation from his historic residence in Washington, DC. The live stream on Facebook and Twitter was timely, the day after Bastille Day and the commemoration of a new DC attraction, Lady Liberty’s little sister!

Vive La Liberty! A Conversation with French Ambassador Philippe Etienne, who shared insights into DC’s new Statue of Liberty and travel tips for France

135 years after the Statue of Liberty was unveiled on Liberty Island in New York, another Statue of Liberty has recently made its way from France to the United States. Darley and Ambassador Etienne enjoyed sharing with their friends and fans about this miniature Statue of Liberty, which stands at over 9 feet tall, and her arrival at the French ambassador’s residence in Washington, DC.

Inauguration Ceremony for Washington D.C.’s Statue of Liberty with Senator Amy Klobuchar, French Ambassador Philippe Etienne, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, DC Secretary of State Kimberly Basset, Jean-Yves Le Drian, Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs, to the United States and artist William Adair in attendance
Darley with Lady Liberty’s little sister at the inauguration ceremony

Darley also delved into the life of an Ambassador, the history of his stunning residence and French American relations. The two also discovered that they were recently in the state of Wisconsin at the same time, and definitely enjoyed the cheese. Celebrate with us and gain insights into French culture, history and French-American friendship by watching the LIVE.

La Résidence de France in Washington, DC’s historic Kalorama neighborhood
Darley with Ambassador Philippe Etienne and his wife

Interested in learning more about France? Look out for new seasons of “Travels with Darley” on your PBS station and Create TV, binge the series’ first 24 half hours on Wondrium from The Great Courses, Amazon Prime and watch the most recent 13 half hours on Ovation TV’s Journy. Our episodes will guide you through beautiful Brittany and the historic Western Front of France.

Please also visit our Darley Vacations’ page and travel deals to learn about how you can travel to France following Darley’s footsteps!


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