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Darley Newman


You want a media personality and dynamic speaker whose creativity, hard work and a never-give-up attitude will motivate audiences to step outside of their comfort zone and take risks to pursue their passions and dreams.


Your audience will be inspired by this entrepreneur and adventurers’ stories of the ups and downs in launching a successful, Emmy-winning TV show and small business and lessons learned through engaging diverse cultures on global travels.


She launched an Emmy-winning TV series and dream job as a travel TV host for her own series on PBS, Ovation TV and Scripps Networks. 

An Emmy Award nominated TV host, writer, executive producer and self-made entrepreneur, Darley Newman created her dream job and a successful brand by combining her passions for travel and adventure with creativity, persistence and unusual ideas.


A captivating keynote speaker, Darley shares stories and lessons from her extraordinary life and business experiences. Audiences across the nation and around the world have benefitted from Darley's story of breaking down barriers and breaking out of your comfort zone to find excitement in life, fulfillment and the career of your choice. While showing inspiring video and photos from exciting world travels, Darley's reveals the tips and tricks that have helped so many of her audience members achieve their goals.

Darley Newman?

Where Darley Speaks

Darley frequently speaks at events for consumers, businesses and a variety of specialty groups. She's consulted and presented for travel, television, new media and trade organizations, environmental, equestrian and conservation organizations, women's business groups, at museums and high schools and universities. 

Darley's Most Popular Topics

  • Creating Your Dream Job

  • Passion to Profits for Women Entrepreneurs

  • Building a Creative Business

  • Live Streaming

  • Storytelling for Social Media & Multiple Platforms

  • Travel and Adventure

  • Navigating the New Media and Social Media Landscape

  • Personal Branding

  • Indie Filmmaking

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Darley newman
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