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On France's Largest News Network

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

“Travels with Darley’s” productions on France and growing travel brands have caught the eye of the French news giant BFM Business, a 24-hour news and weather channel based in France and viewable worldwide through digital, cable and satellite TV. BFM is touted as the country’s most-watched news network with 10 million daily viewers.

At their Nasdaq headquarters in Times Square, Darley sat down with Sabrina Quagliozzi, the editor-at-large and NY Correspondent of BFM Business, for a behind the scenes interview on her love of France, travel trends and how she films the series around the world for PBS, Amazon Prime, AOL, MSN, and now also in 360.

Hear about the Emmy-winning production teams’ filming adventures in the Cote d’Azur, Northeastern France, the Guadeloupe Islands, Martinique and where Darley is heading next in France in this special interview.

Darley with Sabrina Quagliozzi at Nasdaq Times Square
Darley with Sabrina Quagliozzi at Nasdaq Times Square


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