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Darley on "The Great Courses" with 24 Half Hours of Travels with Darley

Travel expert Darley Newman has become a Great Courses Professor with 24 half hour courses of her "Travels with Darley" first seasons available for instant download or for sale on DVD! The Great Courses is the only place you can buy "Travels with Darley" on DVD. Visit The Great Courses site to learn more on how to purchase the first seasons and watch.

In the 24 episodes of Travels with Darley, you will get the opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful, captivating, and unique places on Earth—and you will meet the locals who know them best.

Darley's programming is also available through The Great Courses sister platform for lovers of learning, Wondrium, where you can watch 50 half hours of "Travels with Darley."

Episodes available on The Great Courses include:

Guadeloupe Islands Caribbean Adventures

Maryland's Eastern Shore

Belgium: Castles, Cities & Countryside

Belgium: Brussels & Beyond

Southern States Road Trip

Michigan's Upper Peninsula

Road Trip: Maryland, Virginia and South Carolina

Guadeloupe Islands Caribbean Escape

England: Manchester, Liverpool & the Lake District

Northern Wales: Isle of Anglesey & The Coast

Northern England and Wales

Little Rock, Arkansas

Hong Kong Island Hopping

Martinique Adventures

Hong Kong Urban Adventures

Wyoming National Forests

Illinois: Route 66 & Midewin

Illinois: Ottawa & Beyond

West Virginia Adventures

France's Western Front Part I

France's Western Front Part II

Missouri's Route 66 & St. Louis

Tokyo, Japan

Martinique Caribbean Culture




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