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Albuquerque Journal Features Darley Vacations’ Santa Fe Itineraries

On February 28, 2021, the Albuquerque Journal published a feature on Darley Vacations Santa Fe itineraries.

The publication highlighted how Darley came up with each itinerary:

“I think Santa Fe is a great place to go and will be a great place to go once the vaccines are given out and the pandemic is over,” Newman said. “There’s still an opportunity around Santa Fe to do so many things in nature, which is a big part of these trips. They’re a mix of things I’ve done. A mix of being outside, wellness, the culinary aspect of Santa Fe, and arts and culture melds it all together. I could probably put together a bunch more trips because there are so many different things to do in and around Santa Fe.”

Darley’s efforts to promote Santa Fe with Darley Vacations itineraries were further appreciated by Elias Bernardino, Santa Fe County deputy manager, as Santa Fe is slowly navigating toward the post-COVID world:

“It’s a great opportunity, the timing is perfect,” he said. “It really exemplifies the diversity of Santa Fe County, with its richness and natural landscape elements … and strong, historical cultural significance.”

The Albuquerque Journal is the leader in newspaper and online media in New Mexico. It is the largest newspaper in the state of New Mexico. The Albuquerque Journal delivers a statewide audience through its various publications, zoned editions and products.

Darley filmed three half-hour episodes in Santa Fe, which you can watch on PBS, Create TV and Ovation TV.


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