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Travels with Darley on Amazon Prime

Check out Travels with Darley’s new season on Amazon Prime. From Wyoming to France, join Emmy Award-nominated TV host, Darley Newman and local chefs, entrepreneurs and experts who reveal bucket list adventures and hidden gems.

Watch a preview to see what’s coming in the new season.Travelers can binge on Season One now on Amazon Prime, which includes episodes filmed in the Guadeloupe Islands, England, Wales, Belgium, South Carolina, Hong Kong, Arkansas, Maryland, Michigan, Kentucky and Virginia.

The new season invites viewers to follow Darley through 11 episodes featuring Martinique, France, Tokyo, Missouri, West Virginia, Illinois, Wyoming and Hong Kong, and provides authentic insights into destinations and global cultures, as well as ideas for how to travel in a deeper, more meaningful way.

Much like the team’s original series Equitrekking, also hosted by Darley, Travels with Darley continues the theme of immersive storytelling, helping viewers to learn more about the world and its amazing diversity. Viewers can also gain further inspiration for their next vacation through the Travels with Darley and Equitrekking websites, which offer detailed trip itineraries, local recipes and 360 videos to help travelers and travel professionals recreate the experiences they watch in the series.

The new season of Travels with Darley will launch on Amazon Prime Video May 11th with the episodes available to viewers in the USA, United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, Austria, and shortly in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, France, Italy, Mexico and Latin America.


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