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The Best Beyond Paris at the Smithsonian

Join Darley at the Smithsonian in Washington, DC on Wednesday, November 14th for “The Best Beyond Paris,” a special evening with Smithsonian Associates. She’ll share great travel locations in France and debut our never-before-seen PBS episode filmed in Brittany, along with French wine and light appetizers. From fabulous crepes, galettes and cider to castles, markets, beaches and oh that cheese, Darley is unveiling some of the best of Brittany, France, including our new PBS episode, which won’t debut to the public until January 2019. From the historic walled city of Saint-Malo, to stand up paddleboarding with a French champion along the Pink Granite Coast, you might be surprised by some of the destinations and experiences you can have in Brittany and beyond. She'll include practical tips on great coastal hikes with lighthouses, sunsets and the very best butter we've ever tasted. Plus, adventures in Cannes, Nice and what’s beyond along the Cote d’Azur and Great War history, Champagne and cuisine in Northeastern France. Having traveled and filmed in France numerous times for our PBS series, Darley has received insider’s tips on what truly makes a great trip… outside of Paris. Her series, “Travels with Darley,” is all about seeing new locations through the eyes of the locals and showing you those hidden gems that only locals know about. At the Smithsonian, she will take questions from you live and also have some fun with trivia, giving away some items I picked up while on our travels to audience winners. Check out this link to Smithsonian Associates for more information and to get tickets.


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