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Room 1903 Features TV Host Darley Newman on Cover

Darley Newman is featured on the cover of the July 1st issue of Room 1903, a leading digital publication on travel and hospitality news! In the interview with Room 1903 ‘s contributor Tracey Willmott, Darley gives a sneak preview of her next season’s filming and shares her take-aways from over a decade of traveling around the world. For novice travelers who would love to “see the world,” she gives a surprising recommendation. “People think it’s a lot to plan trips, and it can be, but if you stick closer to home, there are so many parks and museums and under-the-radar things that you’d be surprised to see,” said Darley. Instead of being overwhelmed by an ambitious travel plan, starting out small can be a rewarding first step. Darley also talks about the upcoming Season 9 of her beloved “Travels with Darley” series which will air in January of 2022. To stay tuned for this exciting new season, please subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and even on TikTok)! The new season will follow the locals as usual and embrace the overlooked beauty of domestic destinations. Stops include Colorado, Wisconsin, Alabama, South Carolina and more! Click here to read the full interview on Room 1903.

Room 1903’s editorial focuses on everything travel and the people who help you create those life-long memories. Other celebrities who have been on the cover include BBQ chef Rick Bayless, supermodel Gail Elliott and Travel Channel’s Andrew Zimmern.


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