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Panasonic Features Darley

Panasonic, the global camera and electronics company, features Darley and her work on the "Travels with Darley" series in its blog. Read the in-depth interview with Darley and director of photography Greg Barna and watch the below recent segment, shot with the Panasonic EVA1. Darley and her Emmy Award-winning production team have been traveling the world and filming with Panasonic products for over a decade.

Watch the above video to meet the Haenyeo, a legendary community of women who free dive off of Jeju Island, South Korea to feed their families and communities. On UNESCO's List of Intangible Cultural Heritage, most of the women still active in this centuries-old practice are over the age of sixty. Darley Newman dons a wet suit and dives with the Haenyeo to share a glimpse into their lives and this unusual community of female entrepreneurs. This segment is part of the "Travels with Darley" series, season eight, on PBS and the "South Korea" episode.


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