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“Great Day Washington” Martinique Cooking Segment

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

To celebrate the debut of “Travels with Darley” season three on PBS in primetime in Washington, DC and across the nation, Chef Guy Ferdinand, otherwise known as Chef Hot Pants, traveled from Martinique in the French Caribbean to Washington, DC to make an appearance on “Great Day Washington” with host Darley Newman. The two joined TV host Markette Sheppard to cook up heart-healthy cuisine in a special, live cooking segment on this CBS morning show.

Chef Hot Pants cooked a French Creole style breakfast, ti nin lanmori, which Darley was able to try in Martinique while filming for “Travels with Darley.”

“Travels with Darley” season three also features episodes from Hong Kong, Illinois and Wyoming. It debuts on PBS stations across the nation starting in March and April. See what else is in our new season from our filming in the USA and Asia and look for these episodes on your local PBS TV station and coming up on Create TV!


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