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Facebook Live with The Washington Post

Watch our Facebook Lives from France! In December, Darley and her production team traveled to France to film for a new season of “Travels with Darley” on PBS, AOL, MSN and more. Washington Post travel reporter Andrea Sachs joined the crew for festive and fun Facebook Lives.

Watch Live from the Nice Christmas Market, where Darley and Andrea lead viewers live through a European Christmas Market, and Live from Chez Mamo, a popular restaurant where during the Cannes Film Festival stars including Julia Roberts, Leonardi di Caprio, Jodie Foster and more have dined.

Over 42K people tuned into Darley and Andrea's Nice Christmas Market Tour on Facebook Live.

29K people watched Darley and Andrea dine at Chez Mamo in Antibes, which celebrities frequent during the Cannes International Film Festival.


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