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Darley Talks About Pandemic Practices in Travel Weekly

Travel Weekly's editor in chief Arnie Weissmann interviewed several travel experts about the silver linings they noticed during the pandemic and published the article "Pandemic Practices We Want to Keep" on May 5, 2021. While the pandemic has a negative impact on the world, it provides people opportunities to reflect and innovate.

Along with other travel industry leaders such as Travel Leaders Group president John Lovell and Uniworld CEO Ellen Bettridge, Darley shares her insights on live streaming, which helps her "see the world in a more casual, personal way" and engage with her fans. She's also interested in incorporating live streaming and virtual travel into her upcoming trips.

Arnie Weissmann is editor in chief of Travel Weekly, the industry’s award-winning source of news, research, analysis and opinion, and is editorial director of Northstar Travel Media’s Travel Group, which includes Travel Weekly China and Travel Weekly Asia.

Weissmann, who also founded Weissmann Reports (now part of Travel 42), is also a popular speaker at industry conferences, is widely quoted in consumer media.


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