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Darley’s Equitrekking Series Enters the Taste Hall of Fame

In October 2020, Darley’s TV show Equitrekking was named to the 8th class of the Taste Hall of Fame for the 12th Annual TASTE AWARDS. Equitrekking was honored along with star shows such as Hotel Impossible, Kitchen Nightmares and Unwrapped, as well as celebrities including James Charles, Gail Simmons and Ruth Reichl.

Often called “The Oscars of Food, Fashion and Lifestyle Media,” the Taste Awards are the premier broadcast awards celebrating the year’s best achievements in Food, Fashion, Health, Travel, and Lifestyle programs on Television, in Film, in Online and Streaming Video, on Radio and in Podcasts, and Photography.

Inductees are selected based on either having received numerous TASTE AWARDS and finalist nominations over the years, or having made a significant impact in the world of taste and broadcast entertainment.

Darley created the Equitrekking series and brand, trademarking the word and spawning a new genre of travel related to horseback riding vacations. The term has gone on to be part of many horse lovers’ vocabulary and broadcast in over 85 nations.

Sunset in Botswana, Africa on one of the world’s largest salt pans.

She started it to combine her passion for horses and travel with her drive to tell great stories and share global cultures. It has caught on, becoming what Forbes called a “PBS empire“! In addition to the Taste Awards, the series received three Daytime Emmy Award wins and two Telly Awards.

Viewers were transported around the world to great national parks, along the old Silk Road in Turkey, riding with the Bedouin in Jordan, on a horse safari to gallop with zebra in Africa, to Wyoming and Colorado dude ranches, on cattle drives with gauchos in South America and beyond.

Darley riding in Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah.

A huge congratulations to the Equitrekking team and all of the other Hall of Famers!


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